London Lawyers - Considering a Regional Move?

We are working with numerous law firms, both boutique and full service, across regional locations around the UK. We have particular expertise helping lawyers move to Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford, Sussex, and Surrey, but we are also able to help lawyers looking for a move further afield.

At Piper Pritchard we have particular expertise moving individuals to Bristol and surrounding areas due to our office in Bristol. We have extremely close relationships with many Bristol firms whom we meet with on a regular basis.

In recent years the quantity and quality of regional firms have been rapidly increasing. Many are now established names in London and have access to high quality domestic and international work. In addition, many City firms are now opening offices in other locations around the UK, taking advantage of lower costs and excellent transport links.

In response to this, we are seeing many lawyers considering a regional move. There are several reasons to look at this option:

  • Career advancement (and partnership prospects) is generally much better in smaller offices. Regional firms tend to be more open to progressive ways of working and value the input of associates.
  • Work/life balance is always fantastic compared to any City firm, 9-5 is the norm in many locations.
  • You are more likely to have greater responsibilities and more face-to-face time with clients, especially so for lawyers interested in business development.
  • The cost of living in regional areas is far less than that in London; buying a home is much more affordable, as is day-to-day life from groceries to cinema tickets.

Other reasons can include moving closer to family, or even just closer to the countryside!

I am happy to have an initial conversation with any lawyers in London looking to make a regional move. I can provide an overview on law firms across various locations, the work they do, and any vacancies they have, as well as advising on salaries, benefits, and career progression.

If you are interested please get in touch at or by phone on +44 (0)207 421 4574.

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