Counsel (Maternity Cover)

70 Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 1EU
22 May 2019
05 Jun 2019
Full Time
4-6 Years
Experience Level
Mid Level



About the LCIA

The LCIA is one of the world’s leading international institutions for commercial dispute resolution, providing efficient, flexible and impartial administration of arbitration and other ADR proceedings, regardless of location, and under any system of law.  The LCIA’s role in arbitrations under our Rules includes appointing arbitrators to decide the parties’ dispute, securing deposits from the parties towards the costs of the arbitration, checking that any timetable agreed by the parties or set by the arbitrators is followed, paying the arbitrators’ fees as the arbitration progresses, and issuing to the parties any award made by the arbitrators.


The LCIA is looking for a temporary new Counsel for a maternity cover for a 6 month period, extendable to 1 year.

As a Counsel, you will work closely with, and will report to, the Registrar, the Deputy-Registrar and/or Senior Counsel, in what will be a demanding, interesting and rewarding role within the secretariat. 

Your primary role will be to support the Registrar in all areas of her responsibility, including all the functions prescribed by the LCIA arbitration rules and the LCIA mediation rules, such as registering new arbitrations and mediations; corresponding with the parties; liaising with the LCIA Court to appoint arbitrators, mediators and other ADR professionals; monitoring the progress of cases we are administering; and transmitting arbitral awards.

While Counsel will work closely with his/her supervisor and others within the casework team, it is also a largely autonomous role, with Counsel responsible for his/her own docket of cases. Accordingly, you will be responsible for monitoring cases closely to ensure their efficient administration and for appropriately managing the expectations of the parties.

On a day-to-day basis, your role as Counsel will include, for example, reviewing Requests for Arbitration to ascertain whether they should be registered (including completion of sanctions checks) and reviewing Responses; searching the database to identify potential arbitrators for a particular case and preparing case summaries to send to the President or a Vice President; liaising with candidate arbitrators by email and, as appropriate, telephone, regarding their availability to accept appointment, including preparation of statements of independence and availability; drafting forms of appointment for signature by the LCIA Court and notices of appointment to be sent to the parties; liaising by email with the President or a Vice President regarding disclosures made by arbitrators and seeking input on other issues that arise (for example, requests for extension of time, challenges to arbitrators, and interpretation of the LCIA Rules); identifying, and raising with the Registrar, Deputy Registrar and/or Senior Counsel, any potentially problematic issues that arise on cases (including, for example, proposed procedural steps that are not in accordance with the Rules, complaints about arbitrators’ conduct of proceedings, and sanctions issues); answering queries from arbitrators about LCIA procedure; carefully monitoring developments on each case on your docket and compliance with deadlines, and then following up, as appropriate, with parties or arbitrators where a case is not progressing as it should; monitoring submissions from the parties, as well as procedural orders and decisions from tribunals; writing to tribunals following hearings to enquire as to likely timing of an award and notifying the Deputy Registrar or Registrar of cases where an award is delayed; reviewing draft awards for typographical errors, when asked to do so by a tribunal; and working with the casework administrators to ensure that appropriate deposits are called for as and when needed, including informing the relevant casework administrator if a case has become particularly active or that a procedural timetable or hearing date has been set.

In addition, as a Counsel, your role is to support the Registrar and Deputy Registrar to: (a) professionally and collegiately assist the LCIA Court and any Division or sub-committee of the LCIA Court, in all areas of the Court’s responsibility, as prescribed by its Constitution and by the LCIA Rules; (b) maintain records and statistics on arbitrations and mediations and to report on these to the LCIA Court, the Board and the wider public; (c) respond to requests from parties, users and practitioners for information on the LCIA’s services, and for assistance with the drafting of dispute resolution clauses; and (d) as appropriate, assist with the casework of the LCIA’s overseas ventures.


The ideal candidate should have gained several years’ experience working in international arbitration, and have a keen interest in the area, and should:

  • Be a self-motivated team-player;
  • Possess strong inter-personal, time management and administrative skills;
  • Have excellent attention to detail;
  • Write clearly, persuasively and concisely;
  • Be able to consider legal issues critically and with judgement;
  • Approach cases in a practical, and not purely academic, way;
  • Have analytical and evaluative skills;
  • Have an organized approach to work;
  • Be punctual and meet deadlines;
  • Take responsibility for his/her own actions and demonstrate drive and enthusiasm in everyday work;
  • Recognise and suggest ideas for improvement in his/her own work and seek to solve problems independently;
  • Work well under pressure;
  • Achieve planned work and set own performance standards; and
  • Be able to build strong working relationships both internally and with external stakeholders.


Since the LCIA is a dynamic environment and the secretariat relatively small in size, the ideal candidate will also continuously look for new ways to lend support, propose improvements to benefit the LCIA, and provide cover for other staff as and when necessary.  

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