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About QC Legal

With a physical footprint in Manchester, QC Legal Recruitment Agency has very successfully exported its brand not only across the whole of the UK and London, but into the UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong and more recently, continental Europe. Our expertise sits in legal search and selection. Our ongoing success has been inspired by our clients’ expansion strategies, of which we are a key component. Founded in 2004, we enjoy close relationships with a number of top tier firms; from the Magic Circle, Silver Circle, White Shoe American firms to boutique specialists. It is this network that feeds into our in-depth market knowledge and expertise, and enables us to guide both clients and candidates towards best outcomes. We are a vibrant results-based business with a totally ethical underpin.

We constantly strive to add value to the entire process by understanding motivations and drivers that govern mood and behaviours; we always aim to get it right, each time. This requires tact, empathy and business maturity. Ours is all about getting the best fit, long term, that allow sustainable growth. While traditionally focused on partners and teams as well as mergers, such has been our success, that our clients are now instructing us to secure for them the best assistants and associates. We genuinely offer recruitment solutions across the board and are always looking to work with exceptional candidates who want to work with us, to give them the best chance to secure their ideal roles. We deliver excellence, and have recently been accredited by the Goldman Sachs 10,000 small businesses program, as being expert in field.

No matter your position, experience or aspirations, we can help. Unlike other recruiters, we put you first, and ensure the legal move you make matches your ambitions – not ours. We recognise the faith you place in us by putting your career in our hands – and we never underestimate the importance of making the right decision. But rather than shirk from the pressure, we’ll happily rise to the challenge, and thrive on fulfilling your needs. From paralegals to partners, mergers to team moves, we are experts in what we do. No challenge is too big for us, and our success stories back this up. Our business has never relied on mass advertising, rather our growth is almost predominantly based on referrals and word of mouth –  and there is no bigger testament to the success of a business than this.

Offering a genuinely different approach to recruitment, we provide you an opportunity to explain fully what it is you want and where you think you should be, and we aim to realise this for you. We will guide you through every step of the way, from initial contact to bedding in at your new firm. However, unlike other recruiters, once you’re in your new firm, we won’t suddenly disappear onto the next candidate. Our door is always open for you to let us know how you’re getting on, and we can provide any support or guidance as you get to grips with your new position.

If you want bespoke advice, make us your natural point of reference. Contact our offices on 0161 880 0118, or email Josh Hudson, our corporate manager, on josh.hudson@qclegal.com outlining the type of job you're looking for, and you will be transferred to a specialist Consultant in that field.

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