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Allen & Overy is a pioneering law firm operating around the world at the frontline of developing business and policy. Our goal is to help lead the way for companies, institutions and governments contending with ever more complex issues and transactions on a global stage. From innovative and headline-making deals to expanding into new markets we are first movers, focused on extending what is possible in law. With offices in 29 countries, plus a network of relationship firms in other locations, we are one of the few law firms that can genuinely claim to be global, covering 99% of the world’s economy.

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  • Training Contract

    • London
    • First year trainees: £44,000, second year trainees: £49,000, qualification: £81,000
    • Allen & Overy Trainee Recruitment

    The Allen & Overy training contract is the start of a stimulating and rewarding legal career at the very pinnacle of the profession.