Obelisk Support

Suite 3, 2, 44 Southampton Buildings
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20 3417 6590

Email: apply@obeliskupport.com

About Obelisk Support

Obelisk Support is an award-winning company in the legal services industry and an active member of the London tech community, providing flexible legal solutions for law firms and in-house legal teams of large enterprises with highly-experienced lawyers.

Obelisk has built the largest legal talent pool in the U.K. with 1,500 lawyers, the majority of whom have worked for global law firms. To provide flexible services, Obelisk has built custom tech solutions in-house and continues to take part in the legal tech revolution.

Obelisk also operates a translation pool of lawyer linguists, proficient in 27 languages. http://obelisksupport.com/



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