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United Kingdom

About Court 1 Capital

Court 1 Capital is a dedicated platform providing strategic career and recruitment advice to Solicitors and Barristers (‘Lawyers’), whether in Private Practice or In-House. Divorced from the often confused and conflicted world of direct legal recruitment, our goal is to enhance the business performance of Lawyers: delivering thoughtful guidance and realistic pathways in an ever changing and challenging legal market.

We have over 25 years’ experience of placing solicitors into law firms globally, high profile partner and team moves, establishment of foreign offices for major firms, assisting firms in establishing their own offices or affiliations with top local firms in sought after jurisdictions and facilitating deal flow into law firms from our network of clients. We also work with most of the litigation funders through placing lawyers into their underwriting teams, referring high values cases to funders and facilitating co-funding of cases between funders through our own and broker networks.


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