Gender balance at Burges Salmon


We have a vibrant mix of talented individuals at Burges Salmon who stimulate innovation and ideas by sharing different perspectives, and it’s vital that our people feel they can be themselves at work.

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is a strategic priority for us and we drive that priority through a number of internal networks led by our people. Our networks each have a particular focus such as race, disability and sexual orientation and, earlier this year on International Women’s Day 2020, we were delighted to launch our fourth internal network – BBalanced – to promote and advance gender balance across the firm.

Open to both men and women across our legal and business services teams, BBalanced has been established to ensure that gender balance remains high on the agenda and that we continue to improve gender balance in line with our D&I strategy.

In tandem, we also launched the Burges Salmon Gender Taskforce, chaired by our Senior Partner Chris Seaton and comprising partners and senior leaders from across the firm. The taskforce is committed to supporting the firm’s management to drive change across the business with regards to gender balance. The BBalanced network will work closely with the senior team who make up the Gender Taskforce, acting as a sounding board and focus group.

BBalanced will provide our people with opportunities to discuss gender issues, identify initiatives and change and engage with and learn from successful role models at all levels across the business . It will also work closely with the firm’s other D&I networks to ensure an intersectional approach, engage with external networks and participate in external events, as well as promote and attend internal D&I events.

Ensuring that Burges Salmon remains an inclusive environment and an exceptional place to work depends on the commitment of our people to upholding our values, and the positivity and enthusiasm with which our people supported the launch of our gender balance network did not disappoint. A significant number have requested to join the network and to be involved in raising awareness of and advancing gender balance across the firm.


As mentioned, BBalanced is the fourth of our D&I networks to be established, adding to:

BProud – our well established LGBT+ network;

BCultured – our BAME network, established in 2018 and already nominated for an award for best networking group;

BEnabled – our disability forum that is focused on ensuring Burges Salmon is an accessible and inclusive place for our people and visitors.

Liz Dunn, who is a partner, member of our strategic board and chairs our Diversity and Inclusion Group, comments: “We’re thrilled to launch our latest diversity and inclusion network, BBalanced. Promoting and advancing gender balance across the firm is high on our strategic agenda and it’s been fantastic to see so many of our people having already registered to be a part of the network. It’s important that both our men and our women are engaged in identifying how we can effect real change and ensuring this is delivered across the firm.

“We’re committed to a cohesive and holistic approach to diversity and inclusion and our latest network will work closely with our other established groups to ensure we create an environment where everyone can thrive and achieve their potential.”

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